This combined unit of solid waste cracking and crude oil refining process, includes a feeding device, a rotary pyrolysis reactor, a gas-solid separator, a distillation tower, a built-in condenser, a condenser, a receiving tank, and a liquid sealed combustible gas tank. The feeding device is connected with the rotary pyrolysis reactor, the rotary cracking furnace is connected with the gas-solid separator, and the gas-solid separator is connected with the distillation tower. The top of the tower is connected with the condenser, the condenser is connected with the receiving tank, the combustible gas liquid sealing tank is connected with the receiving tank and the tail gas combustion device, and the tail gas combustion device is connected with the rotary pyrolysis reactor;

Furthermore, the rotary pyrolysis reactor is of external rotary type;

Furthermore, a dynamic-static sealing connection device is arranged between the rotary pyrolysis reactor and the gas-solid separator;

Furthermore, the lower section of the gas-solid separator is an internal rotating tower device, and the upper section is a packed tower device;

Furthermore, a fuel oil outlet is arranged at the lower section of the liquid collecting plate of the distillation tower, which is connected with the condenser;

Furthermore, the feeding device is spiral type, lifting type or belt type.

After adopting the above technical scheme, the following technical effects can be achieved:

1) Due to the rotary heating of the patented rotary pyrolysis reactor, the raw materials can be heated evenly and rapidly, and the raw materials have good adaptability. The raw materials can be fed into large pieces without crushing or screening.

2) Since the cracking furnace is directly connected with the distillation tower, the cracked gas is directly separated and purified. Due to the centrifugal separation function adopted in the later gas-solid separation device, the purity of combustible liquid is greatly purified, the product quality is good, and the condensing and reprocessing steps of fuel oil are shortened.

3) The rotary cracking furnace used by the utility model has the advantages of mature technology, easy to enlarge in industry, etc.

4) This design is available to be used for producing diesel, instead of pyrolysis oil or crude oil.


Combined unit for refining crude oil from solid waste cracking

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