This kind of cracking catalyst for diesel, is specially used in HENAN BARUI catalytic cracking process and the cracking distillation tower, in the field of waste engine oil producing diesel, crude oil distillation, wax oil cracking, residue oil pyrolysis cracking, and so on. The produced diesel is of good color and viscosity, meanwhile, that can reduce the ratio of heavy components.

This is a selective molecular sieve zeolite catalyst. Under the condition of non-hydrogenation, the long-chain N-alkanes and single branched alkanes can be selectively cracked, by using the zeolite catalyst with certain pore structure, while, the cycloalkanes, multi branched aromatics remain unchanged.

This kind of catalyst chooses ZSM-5 as main body, adding a certain amount of zeolite catalyst and use hydrothermal synthesis. That is specially used to do with fuel oil, wax oil. That also has good effective of de-waxing. It can be used for gas-phase or liquid-phase catalytic reaction.

Also, this catalyst can work under non-hydrogen condition. That is suitable for small or mini oil refinery.


HENAN BARUI cracking catalyst for diesel

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