Waste Acrylic PMMA Recycling and MMA Monomer Refining Machine

This machine technology is developed by Henan Barui TM Company, according to PMMA depolymerization reaction and MMA monomer extraction technology. The depolymerization reactor adopts Mid-Frequency Magnetic-Influence Heating Stove, which can improve the reacting condition and efficiency, is more safe and avoid to use depolymerization catalyst. Under the precise control, it can avoid vice-reaction affects the PMMA recycling result. Besides, the MMA monomer extraction unit adopts the latest continuous multi-stage separation process, which realizes the precise control of MMA quality. The purity of MMA can reach more than 96.5% or higher.


Currently, HENAN BARUI TM acrylic recycling technology and machines have been widely used in big industrial production, like 10 ton-per-day, 20 ton-per-day, 50 ton-per-day production line. Our machines have been sold to many provinces of China, like Jiangxi, Guizhou, Liaoning, Henan, and so on. Welcome to visit us and our machines at any time.


Machine specification and poject detail are as follows:


Methyl methacrylate (chemical formula: C5H8O2) is an organic compound, also known as MMA, that is an important chemical raw material to manufacture transparent plastics polymethyl methacrylate, simple as PMMA (chemical formula: -[CH2C(CH3)(COOCH3)]n-), that is a kind of organic glass. Acrylic sheets are the products made of PMMA, that is generated by polymerization of MMA, under the presence of initiators. When manufacturing colorful acrylic sheets, there are paint colorings mixing with PMMA.


How HENAN BARUI TM machines produce MMA from scrap acrylic wastes?





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